The Green World Points Club stands for the Conservation of all kinds of Resources.

Probably you ask yourself just like we do, what can I contribute meaningfully to the community in the context of our environment?

What would satisfy you to find another meaning of life?

Maybe to find a place where you are listened to, and your ideas are appreciated?

This space exists in the Green World Points Club (GWPs Club), where we can discuss the many possibilities of all kinds with you.

The GWPs Club President Rolf Roth will be delighted if you call him to hear your wishes.

Phone: +4176 455 8026 Email:

On the 9th of January 2023, we received a call from Guido, who delivered to Rolf, a week ago, two vortex elements with an impressive description.

Rolf has read the effect of the vortex elements in detail and promised Guido membership of the GWPs Club in return. Rolf is of the opinion that Guido brings a positive effect for the GWPs-Club.

Link to Guido's contribution, the description and illustration of energy vortex elements.

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